Taking all sales and F&I products in-house reduces two additional layers of cost. ForeSight offers reinsurance expertise with complete disclosure of ALL administrative fees.

FSG can license the dealer to become equal to the company providing the F&I products putting you in the same playing field as the F&I company. Guess how much that reduces cost?

First Company in Texas able to Reinsure ANY Aftermarket Product and we are Partners with over 156 dealerships primarily in the State of Texas. Find out why FSG is the right choice.

Let us handle the headaches. ForeSight Services Group, Inc. can help you keep more of your hard earned profits in-house and under YOUR control! Just ask our Partners.

What We Do For You

ForeSight Services Group empowers automobile dealerships with in-house, long term wealth building strategies, including providing everything a dealership needs to become a licensed warrantor and take ownership of all insurance and warranty products sold through the dealership, with ForeSight handling claims administration. This cuts down on the number of F&I middlemen reaching for a piece of the customer's check, leaving more profit for the dealer. We can also assist in the formation of a 100% dealer-owned reinsurance company, which creates investment income, underwriting profits and tax advantages.

Dollars and Good Sense

Don't be swayed by those who promise you 100% of the underwriting profits, investment income, and ownership control. Instead, concentrate on where the money is going when it leaves your dealership (down to the penny) and exactly how much ends up in your bucket. There is much more to this than just owning your own program. Too many companies generate additional undisclosed Admin. fees by calling them "risk fees, transfer fees, protected cell fees, claim fees, ceding fees", etc., etc. FSG spells it out down to the penny!